Logo & Identity design for Explorus stores

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Step 1 – Creative brief

When HDS North America hired us to create a new retail concept for the chain of ‘Explorus’ stores we were asked to create an identity that would include a visual system of graphics to showcase product categories and make it easier for customers to navigate the space.‘Logo Design Made Easy‘ designed a system of iconographic symbols that convey the store’s identity as a destination for exploration and discovery. Given Explorus’ projected multicultural customer base, visual content was to be neither linked nor limited to any one specific culture. Critical to our mandate was the development of a simple graphic vocabulary, which would be universally accessible regardless of education or background.

Step 2 – Sketching

A number of icons symbolizing exploration and discovery including magnifying glass, compass, globe and solar eclipse were considered as potential elements for Explorus logo.

Step 3 – Logo design options

Five different logo concepts were presented and the solar eclipse was selected as a favourite concept. By replacing the letter “O” with an image of a solar eclipse we created a word-mark that symbolizes the character of the store, centered around themes of discovery and exploration.

Step 4 – Finished logo and positioning line

After adjusting colours, the tagline “There’s a whole world out there, in here” was added. It neatly summarizes both the breadth and uniqueness of products that can be found in the store and works well in every application, from storefront signage to shopping bags.
explorus_finalNote: Explorus logo was selected and featured in the world’s most prestigeus logo design source, Graphis Press Corp. Zürich (Switzerland) in the ‘2002 Graphis Logos’ edition.

Step 5 – Extention of the logo as a way finding system throughout the store

Visual identifyiers of store departments

The store was divided into six major sections. With wit and simplicity ‘Logo Design Made Easy‘ designed six iconographic symbols to identify each department. The six icons function was a recurring motif on everything from signage to packaging.

explorus_process3One of the six wall murals identyfing specific store departments

This mural was created to represent a department devoted to physical and spiritual well being. It provides an ambiance designed to stimulate the mind and the senses.

Evergreen Financial Management

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Step 1 – Creative brief

Evergreen Financial Management Inc is a Management Consulting firm providing services in the area of business growth & development to the corporate & entrepreneurial sectors in Canada as well as in the areas of corporate finance, taxation, and management consultancy.

Step 2 – Sketching

After finishing our research we went through a quick brainstorming session and started the sketching process.


Step 3 – Computer Rendering

Our client favoured the option in which the two slanted letters ‘E’ form an evergreen tree. A number of colours was explored before the design was finalized.



Step 4 – Finished logo

In order to emphasise the word ‘Green’ it was decided to split the logo into two primary colours, back and green.

Logo design for Mediterranean Garden

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Step 1 – Creative brief

Since 2005, Mediterranean Garden has been developing foods that are superior in quality, taste and nutrition. The company’s aim is to enrich people’s lives with great-tasting, convenient, and healthy foods every day. The philosophy is simple. Mediterranean Garden uses only natural ingredients and most flavorful recipes to satisfy a variety of tastes, appetites and eating occasions.

Step 2 – Sketching


Step 3 – Logo design development (Computer Rendering Phase 1)

Our initial focus was centered around a logo-mark based on the letters MG.
As we were working on the typography without much success, we decided to shift our attention into a completely different direction.

Logo design development (Computer Rendering Phase 2)

We decided to start from scratch; sort of in the same way our client’s products are developed. We created a handful of custom illustrated ingredients used in our client’s pasta sauce.

All ingredients were combined into a ‘still-life’ like arrangement offering a perfect building block and a focal point of the future logo.

Logo design development (Computer Rendering Phase 3)

We provided three different variations of the logo to our client.

Step 4 – Finished logo

Below is the finalized logo that was later used on a variety of products.

Casa Dei Bambini brand identity design

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Step 1 – Creative brief

Casa Dei Bambini is a Montessori school in the Toronto area for children between 18 months – 9 years old. The school’s objective is to offer an education that promotes wellness, embraces nature and recognizes the child’s natural desire to reach their immeasurable potential. All school programs are designed to inspire child’s curiosity, creativity and imagination in an environment that fosters independence, self confidence, respect and a life-long love for learning.

Step 2 – Sketching

When ‘Logo Design Made Easy’ was approached to create an identity for ‘Casa Dei Bambini’s‘ first location, we decided to develop an identity that would visually address our client’s objectives to promote the child’s natural desire for knowledge.

Step 3 – Logo design development

1. An opened book graphic, symbolizing an ancient source of knowledge was the starting point for our design. It offered a perfect basis for building the logo.

2. In our next step we removed the straight horizontal line (the cover of the book) and further refined the curved lines so when they later separated and moved away from each other, they would be visually able to transform into bird’s wings.

3. In doing so, a new layer of meaning was added. The visual mataphor for – ‘Sky is the limit’ – in the child’s natural desire to reach its potential was achieved.

4. A rising sun was the final touch in the design process of the icon. It symbolizes the beginning of the child’s education and it personifies its bright future.

5. After adding the full company’s name the logo was delivered to a client’s full satisfaction.

Step 4 – Finished logo

Once the logo design has been approved we explored and tested numerous colour options.

Step 5 – Stationery, website and corporate literature design

The identity was a great success and shortly after it was applied to all marketing materials including a stationery, kit folder, brochre, sales sheets and a website.

Logo design process for Engage Advertising

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Step 1 – Creative brief

Engage is an advertising and marketing company. Their corporate goal is to be identified by three parameters:
1. Ability to build rellationships between their client‘s and their client‘s prospects through strategic advertising .
2. Ability to create interest and demand for client’s products and services
3. Ability to engage viewer‘s senses through creative and strategic practices

Step 2 – Sketching

We decided to focus our attention entirely on those three objectives and deliver a logo that would immediately evoke desired associations. We chose to focus strictly on typography as a visual triger and provide ‘Engage’ with a convincing wordmark.

Step 3 – Logo design development

Through the process of design simplification we created a wordmark that addresses all three objectives. The attached ‘G’ letters illustrate ‘Engage’s’ sensitivity to typography and design. At the same time the connection of the two letters illustrates strong and lasting relationships and emphasises the meaning of the word ‘Engage’.

Morover, the logo is eye-catching, simple to reproduce in one or multiple colours and easy to apply in various sizes without loosing its clarity. The logo is immune to changing trends as it doesn’t follow any of them.


Step 4 – Finished logo

Once the logo design has been approved we explored and tested numerous colour options. Below is the selected colour combination that works on both, white and black background.

Step 5 – Stationery and website design

Since our company offers a full-featured corporate identity service that includes letterhead, business card and envelope, as well as website, brochures and other print materials, we provided Engage with a stationery design and a fully integrated website.


Logo design for Atticus Interim Management

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Step 1 – Creative brief

Atticus Interim Management helps companies when they lack the internal skill or experience providing them with a strategic resource for business leaders.

Greg Petkovich, the president of Atticus Interim Management was clear about how he wanted to communicate his new corporate image. ‘Our logo should look like a signature under a business contract. It should evoke a feeling of trust and be associated with successful cooperation’.

Step 2 – Sketching

Having a very well defined set of instrucions we focused our sketching process on developing a signature-like logo through simplification of the three letters – AIM.

Fairly soon we discovered that one single stroke with two dots can look like a signature and the letters AIM at the same time.

Step 3 – Computer Rendering


Step 4 – Finished logo

Once the logo design has been approved we explored and tested numerous colour options. Below is the selected colour combination that works on both, white and black background.


Eco10 design process

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Step 1 – Creative brief

A detailed creative brief helps to focus attention on the areas that best serve your business, ensuring the final result is both aesthetically pleasing and effective in getting potential prospect’s attention.

ECO 10 Publishing Company’s overview
Clean-tech is at the forefront of current events, social consciousness and global government focus. The public is craving information they can easily understand and identify with … but it has to come from objective, trustworthy sources. Eco Ten Publishing’s goal is to promote hope for the future and make people realize how the changes they make today can impact and improve the world for the next generations.

Step 2 – Research and brainstorming

ECO 10 Publishing just released it’s first book called ‘Kick the Fossil Fuel Habit’.
The research we conducted included gathering of information about the competitive landscape, case studies and visual audit of existing logos in the clean-tech area.

Step 3 – Sketching

A ‘hand-crafted’ design process of sketching the logo concepts on paper before transferring to the computer is an integral part of our creative process. This helps to guarantee the originality of the logo design and ensure that it is powerful, recognizable and unique.

Step 4 – Computer rendering of selected designs

This stage involves transferring the ideas from paper into computer as well as refinement and simplification of the selected designs.

Step 5 – Selected design

After Dave selected his favorite logo concept, all logo elements, including typography, letter size, iconography were adjusted and perfected for the final approval.

Step 6 – Final design in various colour options

Once the logo design has been approved we explored and tested numerous colour options. Below are a few examples.

Step 7 – Finished logo

After the logo design was finalized, we delivered it to our client saved in all standard formats including fully scalable & editable AI, EPS, TIFF and JPEG files for internet and print.

Step 8 – Stationery and website design

Since our company offers a full-featured corporate identity service that includes letterhead, business card and envelope, as well as website, brochures and other print materials, we provided Eco 10 Publishing with a stationery design and a fully integrated website.