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Kung Fu fast food Branding

Kung Fu is a fast food restaurant chain in China that uses Bruce Lee as its mascot. That is one mascot you would not want to mess with.


There is Bruce Lee’s branding throughout the restaurant with his image on almost everything in the restaurant, from store walls to the rice bowls and chopsticks.

There are hundreds of Kung Fu restaurants, but their menu is nothing to write home about–it’s simple, healthy Chinese food like steamed meats and quick boiled vegetables.
One thing for sure, they’ve got the toughest mascot in the fast food world. Ronald McDonald, Jack, Burger King and the rest, wouldn’t stand a chance against Bruce Lee. He would kick their asses, eat their food, and stand there laughing at them. (fast food critic)


Anti-Branding Coffin Headphones

As a statement against our obsession with branding, designer Nick Ross came up with iCover. His motivation? “We don’t want to look like all the other sheep!”


We pay for the product, why do we have to be a walking advertisement for the brand?

The iCover discards this unnecessary branding of the distinct iPod earphones, replacing it with coffin covers symbolising the death of the imposed visual branding of the product.


Branding for Lovers

Ring Me, Until Death Do Us Part, Jesus Loves You, Apudne Tel Ve Me (Latin for “Your Place or Mine”)–these are just a few of the phrases that you can brand into your partner or dip in ink and stamp using your oxidised silver Ring Me ring. The designs, part of Ringleader’s ‘Love and Faith’ Collection, make a striking alternative to the traditional promise ring. The ‘Heartbreaker’ series also has the branding theme, with a bit more rock and roll–the heart shaped rings, available in gold with sapphires or black with ruby studs start at about £450.



Ugly Pizza

This has got be one of the most challenging packaging art directions ever. I mean, what direction do you go when the name of the pizza is UGLY?


Let’s start with the brand name. Ugly Pizza is a new product by Schwan Consumer Brands that embraces the healthy trend for natural, honest food.

The packaging for Ugly Pizza embraces the same notion and ditches fake advertising which we see on most food packagings and menus. For some reason, my burger never looks as good as it does on the menu. And those microwave dinners look much more enticing on the carton.

Ugly pizza goes for a true representation of what’s inside. And frankly, it’s a bit scary. I don’t know if the pizza looks like this inside. The cover looks as if some kids were having a food fight with the ingredients and they just landed there.

If any of you readers have tried this new product, please let us know your feedback. I like the concept of honest food, but maybe I wouldn’t mind being lied to a bit…


Canned Wine Cross-Branding

Travel guides advise tourists en route to Japan not to blow their nose or eat in public. Ice cream, however, is a notable exception that can be eaten anywhere–as well as eating on a train, where it is actually encouraged.


Now, drinking on Japanese trains is also encouraged–as long as it is wine from a can. Japan Rail East is offering the new wine in a can exclusively on limited express trains. Available in white or red, the wine comes from Monde Vineyard in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan’s small wine-producing region.


Luxury Branding Of Cheap Cars

Hermes and Citreon 2CV may not seem a natural mix but OMG this is the most perfect car I have ever seen.


Hermes made over this 1989 Citreon 2CV6 Special for the Paris 2008 Auto Show – and I am totally and utterly in love with it. I love classic cars and this is just luxurious and totally full of character.

Check out the details in the images – luxurious, gorgeous and still a 2CV.

Motoring does not get any more interesting than this.
Via: selectism


Limited Edition Halloween Branding

When I am not dressing up or playing with fake blood, Halloween acts as the perfect excuse for me to consume a lot of junk food. With shock and gore being my area of expertise, I just had to write up the ten best limited editions Halloween food and rinks out there.

Jones Soda are the players in the field of themed beverages, and rightly have a massive cult following. Halloween transforms their soda into walking, talking viral brand campaigns.

Hershey’s Kisses have three different Halloween-inspired flavors: Candy Corn, Pumpkin Spice, and Candy Apple.

Halloween Oreo cookies come with orange filling, and only come out to play once a year.

Fiendish Fancies: I thought I was excited last week when I discovered Mr. Kipling was selling GIANT fondant fancies from Asda, but it has gotten even better. To capitalize on increased sales of ‘treat’ foods in the Halloween season, Premier foods will launch limited-edition Mr. Kipling Fiendish Fancies. Bring it on!

Snickers Dark is your average Snickers, but with dark chocolate for Halloween. YUM.

Dark Chocolate-Covered Peppermint Pattie Pumpkins, at leas that’s what I’m calling them, have orange in them.

Black Vodka is not strictly limited to October, but Halloween is the ideal occasion to be drinking this.

Pumpkin Ice Cream from Edy’s, a limited-edition frozen treat.

Krispy Kreme has delightfully wicked, pumpkin-shaped doughnuts. They are cut into the shape of a pumpkin, topped with creamy orange-colored icing and stamped with a jack-o-lantern face.

Jelly Belly Monster Mix looks delicious, my favorite offering being the Monster Mash Mix. They are jelly beans in Halloween colors: purple, orange and black.

Mini Babybel is launching exclusive themed cheese in time for Halloween.
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