Casa Dei Bambini brand identity design

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Step 1 – Creative brief

Casa Dei Bambini is a Montessori school in the Toronto area for children between 18 months – 9 years old. The school’s objective is to offer an education that promotes wellness, embraces nature and recognizes the child’s natural desire to reach their immeasurable potential. All school programs are designed to inspire child’s curiosity, creativity and imagination in an environment that fosters independence, self confidence, respect and a life-long love for learning.

Step 2 – Sketching

When ‘Logo Design Made Easy’ was approached to create an identity for ‘Casa Dei Bambini’s‘ first location, we decided to develop an identity that would visually address our client’s objectives to promote the child’s natural desire for knowledge.

Step 3 – Logo design development

1. An opened book graphic, symbolizing an ancient source of knowledge was the starting point for our design. It offered a perfect basis for building the logo.

2. In our next step we removed the straight horizontal line (the cover of the book) and further refined the curved lines so when they later separated and moved away from each other, they would be visually able to transform into bird’s wings.

3. In doing so, a new layer of meaning was added. The visual mataphor for – ‘Sky is the limit’ – in the child’s natural desire to reach its potential was achieved.

4. A rising sun was the final touch in the design process of the icon. It symbolizes the beginning of the child’s education and it personifies its bright future.

5. After adding the full company’s name the logo was delivered to a client’s full satisfaction.

Step 4 – Finished logo

Once the logo design has been approved we explored and tested numerous colour options.

Step 5 – Stationery, website and corporate literature design

The identity was a great success and shortly after it was applied to all marketing materials including a stationery, kit folder, brochre, sales sheets and a website.

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