Everglades Nation Logo (Logo Submission)

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Information below was the source of inspiration for creating the “Everglades Nation” logo

Everglades Nation is a campaign created to build grassroots support for Everglades restoration. The campaign is meant to mobilize supporters while it informs a wide range of people about the Everglades restoration events, activities, programs and progress.

Proposed logo

Madonna, Beckham, Lopez – The best selling brands are humans.

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What drives our endless fascination with celebrities and how does it affect the brand driven retail business?

“Celebrity worship has probably existed as long as there have been famous people. But it has probably only become as intense as it is given the technological advances that allow us to create societies, market them to a worldwide audience, and share information about them” (James Houran).

With thousands of brands trying to compete for customer’s attention, celebrities have a clear advantage to make their message heard. Celebrity-licensed products accounted for over $3 billion in retail sales already 6 years ago. Best selling brands in recent years have been Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Oprah Winfrey, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and David Beckham, to name a few.
jessica alba
During recent years, the line between person and brand has blurred, and celebrities have begun applying techniques from the corporate world to their careers: marketing and protecting a brand identity, trade marking and licensing their names, launching their own product lines and embracing product endorsements to boost their perceived value to consumers.

The question remains; What drives our endless fascination with celebrity worship in the time where celebrities are no longer people who have special talents and attributes and are simply marketing products.”?
jeniffer lopez

There are three well-documented reasons for an increasingly growing cult of celebrity.

1. DNA – the very need to find an idol and follow him is programmed into our bodies…
2. ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY – A technology designed to defeat the locks that safeguard our pleasure buttons and press the buttons in various combination…
3. BEAUTY – Even three-month-old infants prefer to look at pretty face…
angelina jolie
1. DNA – “The very need to find an idol and follow him is programmed into our DNA. What’s in our DNA, as a social animal, is the interest in looking at alpha males and females; the ones who are important in the pack. We are sociologically preprogrammed to follow the leader and we are biochemical sitting ducks for the Hollywood star system” (Fischoff). We were selected not only to rank successful individuals highly and to prefer them as models, but also to kiss up to them in order to make them prefer us as interactional partners” (Francisco Gil-White).

2. ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY – ”The technology of fiction delivers a simulation of life that an audience can enter in the comfort of their cave, couch, or theater seat. It tricks us with illusions that duplicate the experience of seeing and hearing real events. The illusions include costumes, makeup, sets, sound effects and animation. When the illusions work, there is no mystery to the question “why do people enjoy fiction?” It is identical to the question “Why people enjoy life?” When we are absorbed in a movie, we get to see breathtaking landscapes, important people, falling in love with ravishing men and women, protect loved ones, attain impossible goals, and defeat wicked enemies. Not a bad deal for a few bucks!” (Pinker).

”The entertainment media is at least partly to blame for creating the “monster” known as the celebrity super-fan. The whole Hollywood-spin machine works together to create images that are impossible for any of us to live up to. They purposefully set us up to admire and even covet something we can never have. Then, when we are completely vulnerable, they sell us the image even harder – from headlines that titillate us with “celebrity secrets,” to the books, diets, cosmetics, foods, jewelry, and clothes that promise we’ll be closer to the ones we adore. There are fortunes being made by turning fans into victims, and all it starts by creating that frenzy known as celebrity worship.” (Aronowitz).

3. BEAUTY – “Could we really be equipped with an innate eye for beauty? What about the natives in National Geographic who file their teeth, stretch their necks, burn scars into their cheeks? Don’t they show that standards of beauty are arbitrary and vary capriciously? They do not. That is the tacit assumption behind the National Geographic argument, but it’s obviously false. People alter their bodies for many reasons: to look rich, to look well connected, to look tough, to look “in,” to earn membership in an elite group by enduring a painful initiation. Sexual attractiveness is different. People outside a culture usually agree with people inside about who is beautiful and who is not, and people everywhere want good-looking partners. Even three-month-old infants prefer to look at a pretty face.

The psychologist D. Singh has shown photographs of female bodies of different sizes and shapes to hundreds of people of various ages, sexes and cultures. Everyone finds a ratio of .70 or lower the most attractive. Singh also measured the ratio of Playboy winners from 7 decades. Their weight went down, but their waist-to-hip ratio has stayed the same. Even the ancient Venus figurines, carved tens of thousands of years ago, have the right proportions. Beauty is not, as some feminists have claimed, a conspiracy by men to objectify and oppress women. The really sexist societies drape women in chardos from head to foot. Women in open societies want to look good because it gives them an edge in competing for husbands, status, and the attention of powerful people. Men in closed societies hate beauty because it makes their wives and daughters attractive to other men, giving the woman a measure of control. Similar economics make man want to look good, too, but the market forces are weaker or different because men’s looks matter less to women than woman’s looks matter to men.

Though the beauty industry is not a conspiracy against women,. We calibrate our eye for beauty against people we see, including our illusory neighbors in the mass media. A daily diet of freakishly beautiful people may recalibrate the scales and make the real ones, including ourselves, look ugly” (Pinker).

How to Choose a Logo Design Company?

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How do you trust an online logo provider with something as important as your company’s new corporate identity? How can you choose one from the sea of thousands of instant online logo websites?

Common errors and how to avoid them

The most common error that often leads to a poor logo design is simply underestimating the logo’s importance. When you decide to have a logo, do it right from the very beginning. Think twice but design it once. Look ahead at least 5 to 10 years, give yourself enough time to evaluate your objectives and make sure they are reflected in your new logo. It may prove very costly in the future if you invest in a wrong corporate identity. Re-designing and re-applying a logo into an existing set of communication materials will cost money and time in re-establishing your brand.

Many start-up companies with limited budget try to save on branding and marketing by ordering their logos from cheap-and-cheerful online logo providers. The question is – how much will a cheap-and-cheerful logo help their business in the log run? I’d say, probably about as much as a bumper sticker will help to increase the resale value of a used car. The real identity may cost a few dollars more, but will pay back many times over in the long run.

Imagine if Apple Macintosh had ordered a logo from a cheap-and-cheerful online template source. What do you think the Apple logo might have looked like?

You get what you pay for

Don’t get fooled by cheap logo providers offering 5 – 10 logo options that are designed by an experienced team of designers. Just think for a moment, how can any business justify charging $99 or $199 for a logo and be able to support a team of experienced designers, working on 10 custom-designed logos? It just doesn’t make sense. Experienced designers charge anywhere between $40 – $150 dollars per hour. Research and development of a good logo that is strategically sound and original can take anywhere between 5 – 45 hours. You do the math.

How to pick the right logo company

Surprisingly there aren’t that many factors to consider when choosing the right company for your logo design. Price, logo samples and testimonials are the most important factors you should consider when choosing an online logo design company. Take your time and check some of the logo samples featured in the portfolio section. For an inexperienced eye it might be challenging to tell the difference between a good and a bad logo. Here are some hints on how to assess a logo, followed by 3 case studies:

1. The law of perception: First and for most, a logo has to be immediately recognizable and identifiable. What that means is that you have to be able to describe what you see at very first glance.

2. The law of corporate objective: A company’s logo should reflect the very essence of the business it represents or visually reinforce the name of the company.

3. The law of applicability: There are a few important technical requirements of a good logo. It has to work well in many different applications like print, web, embroidery, packaged goods, etc. It also has to be legible in various sizes, from a very large building sign all the way down to a quarter of an inch in size.

What makes a great logo?

Thinking behind a logo – 3 short case studies

Sample 1

Client – Media Tribe Productions
Product – Video, Web, Animation
In order to provide a contrast with the contemporary word “Media”, an older-looking typeface: “Optima” was chosen. This font also perfectly matches the shape of the bow and arrow – which symbolizes a traditional tribal weapon as well as forward thinking and the ability to precisely hit chosen targets.

Sample 2

Client – Putnam Hall
Product – Retirement Residences
img src=”http://www.logodesignmadeeasy.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/PH.jpg” alt=”PH” title=”PH” width=”540″ height=”200″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-4715″ />
This logo is designed to evoke positive feelings around the prospect of moving into a retirement facility. The arc that “hugs” the other two lines reflects care and responsibility, while the overall combination forms the company’s initials.

Sample 3

Client – Global Golf Advisors
Product – Golf Advisory Services
The solution employs the letter “G” in a stylized golf green, and of course represents the first letter in the word “Global” as well as the sphere of the globe itself. This strong, simple icon can be easily reproduced on promotional items and clothing.

The power of branding

online logo
To understand the simplicity and the power of branding, take a look at some of the world’s most identifiable brands. When you see the symbol of Peace or a Nazi Swastika, do they evoke any emotions in you? The emotion you felt is branding. If a symbol gives you shivers, that’s branding. If a company’s logo gives you the warm-fuzzies or makes you want to laugh, that’s branding.

What about your business? Can you afford an identity that is as memorable as the Apple logo? The better question may be “How can you NOT afford to?

It almost goes without saying that if you are a business owner, the logo representing your company should be right on top of your priority list. A good logo will help you draw attention, identify your brand and generate an emotional response. A unique logo will strengthen your company’s image and create a psychological advantage over competition.

A strong brand expressed through a powerful logo can do more than simply help you stand out from competitors. It can help you break away entirely. Increasingly, we see winning companies transforming its lead into a full speed of brand driven “mind share momentum” that leaves runner-up in the dust.
Retailers like Nike or Apple have been enjoying such a superior brand recognition that they logos practically changed the way we see their products today. Most teenagers wouldn’t even look at an MP3 player if it didn’t have an apple symbol printed on its face. It seems like it is not as much about quality any more as it is about product’s personality that motivates people’s buying habits. Owning an Apple iPod is simply cool, and that is an ultimate success a brand can ever achieve.
When it comes to your needs, no matter if you are planning on building a strong and competitive brand or just trying to establish a corporate presence that will build trust and recognition, the importance of your future logo is undeniable.

Controlling your brand with a company’s logo

A consistent use of your company’s logo, whether it is your corporate identity, an advertisement or a packaging, will help you to strengthen your company’s image and create a psychological bond between your customer and your brand.

Because the corporate presence of your company speaks to a wide range of audiences (the financial community, existing and potential investors, existing and potential employees, clients, suppliers), a broad understanding of its role is essential. Each audience will concentrate on different aspects; each read into various details and make different assumptions about the future.‘Logo Design Made Easy‘ is sensitive to a brand’s multiple audiences and strategic significance as a multi-faceted communications.

A strong corporate presence (if managed well in the context of customer and profit-focused business design) can help a you to enjoy a superior financial performance and protect your market share. It will help you create a durable psychological bond between you and your customers, investors, and employees and it is the most effective form of strategic control available to your business.

Branding studies

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Kung Fu fast food Branding

Kung Fu is a fast food restaurant chain in China that uses Bruce Lee as its mascot. That is one mascot you would not want to mess with.


There is Bruce Lee’s branding throughout the restaurant with his image on almost everything in the restaurant, from store walls to the rice bowls and chopsticks.

There are hundreds of Kung Fu restaurants, but their menu is nothing to write home about–it’s simple, healthy Chinese food like steamed meats and quick boiled vegetables.
One thing for sure, they’ve got the toughest mascot in the fast food world. Ronald McDonald, Jack, Burger King and the rest, wouldn’t stand a chance against Bruce Lee. He would kick their asses, eat their food, and stand there laughing at them. (fast food critic)

Source: trendhunter.com

Anti-Branding Coffin Headphones

As a statement against our obsession with branding, designer Nick Ross came up with iCover. His motivation? “We don’t want to look like all the other sheep!”


We pay for the product, why do we have to be a walking advertisement for the brand?

The iCover discards this unnecessary branding of the distinct iPod earphones, replacing it with coffin covers symbolising the death of the imposed visual branding of the product.

Source: trendhunter.com

Branding for Lovers

Ring Me, Until Death Do Us Part, Jesus Loves You, Apudne Tel Ve Me (Latin for “Your Place or Mine”)–these are just a few of the phrases that you can brand into your partner or dip in ink and stamp using your oxidised silver Ring Me ring. The designs, part of Ringleader’s ‘Love and Faith’ Collection, make a striking alternative to the traditional promise ring. The ‘Heartbreaker’ series also has the branding theme, with a bit more rock and roll–the heart shaped rings, available in gold with sapphires or black with ruby studs start at about £450.


Source: trendhunter.com

Ugly Pizza

This has got be one of the most challenging packaging art directions ever. I mean, what direction do you go when the name of the pizza is UGLY?


Let’s start with the brand name. Ugly Pizza is a new product by Schwan Consumer Brands that embraces the healthy trend for natural, honest food.

The packaging for Ugly Pizza embraces the same notion and ditches fake advertising which we see on most food packagings and menus. For some reason, my burger never looks as good as it does on the menu. And those microwave dinners look much more enticing on the carton.

Ugly pizza goes for a true representation of what’s inside. And frankly, it’s a bit scary. I don’t know if the pizza looks like this inside. The cover looks as if some kids were having a food fight with the ingredients and they just landed there.

If any of you readers have tried this new product, please let us know your feedback. I like the concept of honest food, but maybe I wouldn’t mind being lied to a bit…

Source: trendhunter.com

Canned Wine Cross-Branding

Travel guides advise tourists en route to Japan not to blow their nose or eat in public. Ice cream, however, is a notable exception that can be eaten anywhere–as well as eating on a train, where it is actually encouraged.


Now, drinking on Japanese trains is also encouraged–as long as it is wine from a can. Japan Rail East is offering the new wine in a can exclusively on limited express trains. Available in white or red, the wine comes from Monde Vineyard in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan’s small wine-producing region.

Source: trendhunter.com

Luxury Branding Of Cheap Cars

Hermes and Citreon 2CV may not seem a natural mix but OMG this is the most perfect car I have ever seen.


Hermes made over this 1989 Citreon 2CV6 Special for the Paris 2008 Auto Show – and I am totally and utterly in love with it. I love classic cars and this is just luxurious and totally full of character.

Check out the details in the images – luxurious, gorgeous and still a 2CV.

Motoring does not get any more interesting than this.
Via: selectism

Source: trendhunter.com

Limited Edition Halloween Branding

When I am not dressing up or playing with fake blood, Halloween acts as the perfect excuse for me to consume a lot of junk food. With shock and gore being my area of expertise, I just had to write up the ten best limited editions Halloween food and rinks out there.

Jones Soda are the players in the field of themed beverages, and rightly have a massive cult following. Halloween transforms their soda into walking, talking viral brand campaigns.

Hershey’s Kisses have three different Halloween-inspired flavors: Candy Corn, Pumpkin Spice, and Candy Apple.

Halloween Oreo cookies come with orange filling, and only come out to play once a year.

Fiendish Fancies: I thought I was excited last week when I discovered Mr. Kipling was selling GIANT fondant fancies from Asda, but it has gotten even better. To capitalize on increased sales of ‘treat’ foods in the Halloween season, Premier foods will launch limited-edition Mr. Kipling Fiendish Fancies. Bring it on!

Snickers Dark is your average Snickers, but with dark chocolate for Halloween. YUM.

Dark Chocolate-Covered Peppermint Pattie Pumpkins, at leas that’s what I’m calling them, have orange in them.

Black Vodka is not strictly limited to October, but Halloween is the ideal occasion to be drinking this.

Pumpkin Ice Cream from Edy’s, a limited-edition frozen treat.

Krispy Kreme has delightfully wicked, pumpkin-shaped doughnuts. They are cut into the shape of a pumpkin, topped with creamy orange-colored icing and stamped with a jack-o-lantern face.

Jelly Belly Monster Mix looks delicious, my favorite offering being the Monster Mash Mix. They are jelly beans in Halloween colors: purple, orange and black.

Mini Babybel is launching exclusive themed cheese in time for Halloween.
Via: hersheys


Source: trendhunter.com

Fun with branding

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Branding is all about buzz

Buzz Marketing & Public Relations Inc., is known for its work on behalf of non-profit and cultural organizations, retailers, mass market manufacturers, publishers and broadcasters.


Johanna Hoffmann is an associate and a friend of ‘Logo Design Made Easy’. When she finally decided to start her own PR agency, Johanna hired us to develop a name and an identity package for her new company.

In order to create enough noise around Johanna’s new venture, we proposed to launch her new company under ‘Buzz Marketing & Public Relations Inc.’. Johanna was sold on the name and gave us a green light on the identity package. The mandate was to create an image associated with Johanna’s creativity and ability to develop innovative and highly effective methods for communicating new ideas and concepts to the broad market.


A press kit package was developed with a wind-up vibrating buzzer included to reinforce the company’s brand name. The package was delivered to various media groups, and was very well received.


Remember the hand buzzer? You wind it then hide it in your palm. When someone shakes your hand, he or she will jump as the buzzer vibrates and shakes.

Architecture doesn’t have to be conservative

North American architecture company’s have a reputation of being rather serious and conservative. Robbie Sane Architects Inc. (RSA) decided to give ‘Logo Design Made Easy’ a chance to develop an image that would separate the company from this conservative industry norm.

Creativity, precision and teamwork were the words RSA wished to visualy implement into their new corporate image.

The interplay of hands cradling string was our solution to this challenge. It represents the creativity required for great architectural design. The symbolism is used to depict the teamwork required for success and the precision and dedication needed.


Mailing tube with a sense of humour!

A company selling mailing tubes hired ‘Logo Design Made Easy’ to develop a name and create a brand for a product specifically developed for photographers and designers. This target group is known for their appreciation for uniqueness and style.

In order to attract the attention of this demanding recepient, ‘Logo Design Made Easy’ took an unusual approach in developing the name followed by an identity system.

Lenin’s Tube is an interplay on Lenin’s Tomb, which obviously is a very different kind of storage unit.


Series of posters was developed in the typical post-revolution style of the “Russian Golden Years” and a couple of bookmarks was added to the package as an additional propaganda tool in promotion of the product.