An Identity for ‘Explorus’ stores

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Note: ‘HDS Group – Explorus Stores’ were awarded with the Golden Maple Leaf Award in 2001 by the ICSC Canadian Shopping Centre in the retail store branding category.

When HDS North America hired us to create a new retail concept for the chain of ‘Explorus’ stores we were asked to create an identity that would include a visual system of graphics to showcase product categories and make it easier for customers to navigate the space.‘Logo Design Made Easy‘  designed a system of iconographic symbols that convey the store’s identity as a destination for exploration and discovery. Given Explorus’ projected multicultural customer base, visual content was to be neither linked nor limited to any one specific culture. Critical to our mandate was the development of a simple graphic vocabulary, which would be universally accessible regardless of education or background.

explorus_stores_2First set of concepts for ‘Explorus’ logo

By replacing the letter “O” in the word “Explorus” with an image of a solar eclipse
we created a wordmark that perfectly symbolized the character of the store, centred around themes of discovery and exploration. The tagline “There’s a whole world out  there, in here” neatly summarizes both the breadth and uniqueness of products that can be found in the store and works well in every application, from storefront signage to shopping bags.

explorus_stores_3Final logo and a tagline for ‘Explorus’ store
Note: Explorus logo was selected and featured in the world’s most prestigeus logo design source, Graphis Press Corp. Zürich (Switzerland) in the ‘2002 Graphis Logos’ edition.

The store was divided into six major sections. With wit and simplicity ‘Logo Design Made Easy‘ designed six iconographic symbols to identify each department. The six icons function was a recurring motif on everything from signage to packaging.

explorus_stores_4Visual identifyiers of store departments

The interior colour palette is derived from nature: sun, sky and earth tones in fresh yellows, terra cottas and soothing greens and blues. Together with the floor, which consists of a mix of natural maple planking and smooth and textured limestone-like porcelain tiles, the store’s colours were selected give the products and the departmental graphics centre stage. In order to create more excitement and interest from outside of the store, ‘Logo Design Made Easy‘ created a “plasma-screen video” behind a counter desk to draw traffic inside.

explorus_stores_5Combination of typography and iconography used as Shelf Talkers

explorus_stores_6One of the six wall murals identyfing specific store departments

This mural was created to represent a department devoted to physical and spiritual well being. It provides an ambiance designed to stimulate the mind and the senses.