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Eco Graphic Design Contests

The Design Boom ‘Green Earth’ graphic artwork design competition had ‘Green’ as the first theme.


The participants illustrated modes of environmental protection to inspire us to respect and value nature and promote coexistence in a greener world.

I really love the King Kong poster which puts the famous film image into a new context. The giant ape isn’t kidnapping the woman; instead, he is rescuing her from mass a flooding due to global warming.

Rolling Stones Paper Board CD Case

When the most recent Rolling Stones compilation of hits is released as double CD, it will have a shocking effect on the existence of the Swedish company JakeBox, which developed the new innovative CD/DVD packaging with the same name.


Made of 100% paperboard the JakeBox holds the CD or DVD in place with an ingenious designed folded ”claw”. The claw releases the CD when the cover is opened and locks it again by closing the cover. The original concept was a pure handmade folded and erected packaging, with which the huge numbers music companies are used to release their albums never could be met, neither physically nor in terms of price as the manual stages of the production process made it infeasible to achieve large production runs.

In cooperation with Strand Grafiska and HJ Mek, JakeBox designed and constructed a machine with an output of 1.800 packs an hour, which allows JakeBox to enter the huge and profitable market of the entertainment industry and competing with the plastic box generally used to market CD’s and DVD’s.

The JakeBox is eco-friendly, weighs 70% less than the standard clear plastic box and doesn’t break if you drop it on the floor. The box can have a wide range of sizes and applications.
The Rolling Stones’ “Rolled Gold+” double CD, featured in a special package kit with two gold and black JakeBoxes in a slipcase printed by Strand Grafiska in Malmö. The graphic design is by Zip Design, London.

The JakeBox is an amazing and clever construction, a perfect solution for all the burned music CD’s you have laying around. If you want to construct one yourself to protect your downloaded CD´s go to where you will find the full scale drawings of a one CD and a double CD pack. But never forget, don’t market it, as the innovation is protected by patents.

Interactive Illustrations

These amazing interactive drawings by graphic design studio Macacolandia were done with pencils, a paintbrush and, no doubt, a digital design program such as Photoshop.


Nevertheless, many of these drawings look impressively dynamic and really engaging as each one seems to tell its own little story.

Qian Qian

In the design world, Qian Qian is one of China’s hottest experts. The designer / artist leverages multiple forms of media to create truly innovative design.


Qian Qian’s Bio:
Qian Qian (b. 1979) is a multi-faceted designer from China working in print, web, and motion. He graduated with a Masters degree in digital media design from the University of Edinburgh, UK, and now teaches graphic design at Missouri State University, USA. One of the ‘20 under 30 New Visual Artists’ of 2006 by Print magazine, he has worked with a wide range of clients, including Nike, Panasonic, Shiseido, Motorola, and British Council. His work has been published and exhibited internationally. In 2005, he conceived and co-curated Get It Louder, a tour design exhibition and event in China’s Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Beijing.

Reversible Doormat

This illusionary reversible doornmat can be read as saying “come in” from one direction or “go away” from another. Suck UK describes, “It’s got to be seen to be believed but from one side this really does read “Come In” and from the other “Go Away”. And when you have finished marvelling at this remarkable feat of graphic design you can wipe the mud from your boots too!!”


Creative Cover Art

These beautiful, unique and quirky book covers were designed under creative direction by Paul Buckley, but credit for The Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition has to be given to various designers whose works have been clustered together to create the commemorative art book.


The Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition, which was designed by several international cartoonists and illustrators, was so well received in the design world that it is currently running alongside six other finalist projects in the Brit Insurance Designs of the Year competition.

“It’s a great achievement by its creative director Paul Buckley in commissioning a highly skilled group of illustrators and cartoonists whose creative visions have produced some fantastic atmospheric yet very individual covers with high artistic flair and design integrity,” the judges said. elaborates on the entry, “The artwork was required to include the front and back cover as well as French flaps, which provided the graphic artists with a wraparound space where they were able to create an evocative atmosphere. These Classics Deluxe Editions connect a literary genre on the inside with a cartoon genre on the outside whilst also featuring the world-class notes and literary and educational extras that the Penguin Classics are known for.”

Some of the works can be seen in the gallery including work by Frank Miller, Julie Doucet and Dan Clowes.


Digitally Reconstructed Dictators

These incredible photo montages of the faces of evil dictators are the work of talented German graphic designer Hans Weishäupl. They were created without using a single piece of original picture material. The likenesses are amazing!


Weishäupl digitally reconstructed these 13 dictators by merging small elements from portraits Weishäupl took of people that are natives of the country each dictator respectively ruled over. 350 people in total were photographed for this project.

The “Faces of Evil” book is available now via the link below.
The portrait of Hitler is made up of 37 people. His nose belongs to an estate agent from Berlin, his upper lip is from a locksmiths in Dresden, and so on.

Death of Travel Guides?

We all get our information on the web these days, and with big-budgeted tourism boards providing free, information-rich resources (from brochures to maps) – does it signal the death of the traditional travel guides?


This newly released graphic-style guide from Singapore seems to understand that, and carves its niche from giving us insider, creatively written recommendations accompanied with fun and easily understandable graphics. And with its offbeat suggestions (just as the locals like it – there are no mention of public museums here), it is putting the fun and discovery back into traveling!

Offbeat Business Cards

As they say, first impressions count, so when you hand someone your business card, a well designed one is a must. However, a cleverly designed business card, not necessarily a shockingly different one, will stand you in good stead. The recipient will always remember it and might just keep it.


The full selection of 70 inspirational designs is from Fubiz : A daily dose of Inspiration. I have just selected four of the most innovative ones. Some are interactive like the perforated strip one or the downright honest scratch card. Another favourite is the lawn specialist’s card which is actually a seed envelope. One card shows a scorched edge. The graphic designer’s card with printed inch and centimetre scales on the edge will surely be one card that will be kept for it is a handy thing to have with you.

Origami-Inspired Drawings

Jonathan Puckey is currently developing a new type of drawing process which consists of tool-assisted Delaunay image vectorization using Scriptographer and Color Averaging by Jürg Lehni. He works from photographs and translates them into unique drawings which remind the viewer of origami or paper folding art. On his website is an animation which shows the transformation from photograph to a fully Delaunay rastered drawing. If you look closely, the Delaunay triangulation process has been used to create the illusions of triangles, prisms and pyramids in the picture.


Jonathan Puckey is an Amsterdam-based graphic designer.