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Extreme headline for ‘Extreme Fitness’

In the fitness club world, competition is fierce. Direct Impact mailers prove over and over again to be the most effective way of attracting potential members. Extreme Fitness is one of the prime examples of this marketing practice and their monthly mailers bring over 90% of their new business.


There are two basic ways in wich most Gyms try to attract potential members. The first and most obvious one is is by offering reduced membership fees. The other way of getting attention are unusual direct mail pieces that are simply are hard to ignore.

In order to get the most out of our mailer, the offer was delivered in a quite unusual language.
‘30 days of smoking, drinking & swearing, free.’ is a line you would never expect to see on a fitness or a health club’s flyer. Of course there was a twist to that line, which was explained on the back of the mailer, (smoking through a personal exercise… drinking the right fluids… and swearing that Extreme Fitness is the best club…) etc.

An extreme idea for ‘Extreme Fitness’

Tyvek looks and feels like a soft cotton but is extremly strong and practically impossible to tear with bear hands.


Another unusual direct mail pieces that ‘Logo Design Made Easy’ developed for ‘Extreme Fitness’ was a piece of fabric known under the name ‘Tyvek’. The material looks and feels like a soft cotton but is extremly strong and practically impossible to tear with bear hands.

The headline directly printed on the ‘Tyvec’ encouraged recepients to tear the piece, suggesting that if they were able to do so, they wouldn’t need the Gym. Simple yet thought provoking idea that proved to challenged many.

Are your kids driving you to extreme?

In order to promote Extreme Fitness (a name that evokes visions of muscle-bound hulks) as a family-oriented facility, we introduced a kids’ campaign promoting activities available to families. The idea was to create mailer pieces that kids and busy moms could relate to.



Extreme Fitness exploits human weakness

During this membership drive, potential members were reminded that time was running out on a previously advertised offer. This was their last chance to take advantage of the special deal and start getting into shape.


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