Eco10 design process

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Step 1 – Creative brief

A detailed creative brief helps to focus attention on the areas that best serve your business, ensuring the final result is both aesthetically pleasing and effective in getting potential prospect’s attention.

ECO 10 Publishing Company’s overview
Clean-tech is at the forefront of current events, social consciousness and global government focus. The public is craving information they can easily understand and identify with … but it has to come from objective, trustworthy sources. Eco Ten Publishing’s goal is to promote hope for the future and make people realize how the changes they make today can impact and improve the world for the next generations.

Step 2 – Research and brainstorming

ECO 10 Publishing just released it’s first book called ‘Kick the Fossil Fuel Habit’.
The research we conducted included gathering of information about the competitive landscape, case studies and visual audit of existing logos in the clean-tech area.

Step 3 – Sketching

A ‘hand-crafted’ design process of sketching the logo concepts on paper before transferring to the computer is an integral part of our creative process. This helps to guarantee the originality of the logo design and ensure that it is powerful, recognizable and unique.

Step 4 – Computer rendering of selected designs

This stage involves transferring the ideas from paper into computer as well as refinement and simplification of the selected designs.

Step 5 – Selected design

After Dave selected his favorite logo concept, all logo elements, including typography, letter size, iconography were adjusted and perfected for the final approval.

Step 6 – Final design in various colour options

Once the logo design has been approved we explored and tested numerous colour options. Below are a few examples.

Step 7 – Finished logo

After the logo design was finalized, we delivered it to our client saved in all standard formats including fully scalable & editable AI, EPS, TIFF and JPEG files for internet and print.

Step 8 – Stationery and website design

Since our company offers a full-featured corporate identity service that includes letterhead, business card and envelope, as well as website, brochures and other print materials, we provided Eco 10 Publishing with a stationery design and a fully integrated website.

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