Logo design process for Engage Advertising

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Step 1 – Creative brief

Engage is an advertising and marketing company. Their corporate goal is to be identified by three parameters:
1. Ability to build rellationships between their client‘s and their client‘s prospects through strategic advertising .
2. Ability to create interest and demand for client’s products and services
3. Ability to engage viewer‘s senses through creative and strategic practices

Step 2 – Sketching

We decided to focus our attention entirely on those three objectives and deliver a logo that would immediately evoke desired associations. We chose to focus strictly on typography as a visual triger and provide ‘Engage’ with a convincing wordmark.

Step 3 – Logo design development

Through the process of design simplification we created a wordmark that addresses all three objectives. The attached ‘G’ letters illustrate ‘Engage’s’ sensitivity to typography and design. At the same time the connection of the two letters illustrates strong and lasting relationships and emphasises the meaning of the word ‘Engage’.

Morover, the logo is eye-catching, simple to reproduce in one or multiple colours and easy to apply in various sizes without loosing its clarity. The logo is immune to changing trends as it doesn’t follow any of them.


Step 4 – Finished logo

Once the logo design has been approved we explored and tested numerous colour options. Below is the selected colour combination that works on both, white and black background.

Step 5 – Stationery and website design

Since our company offers a full-featured corporate identity service that includes letterhead, business card and envelope, as well as website, brochures and other print materials, we provided Engage with a stationery design and a fully integrated website.


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  1. les says:

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    Can you help?

  2. Tomasz says:

    Thanks for your interest, I can certainly help you with that.

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