Fun with branding

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Branding is all about buzz

Buzz Marketing & Public Relations Inc., is known for its work on behalf of non-profit and cultural organizations, retailers, mass market manufacturers, publishers and broadcasters.


Johanna Hoffmann is an associate and a friend of ‘Logo Design Made Easy’. When she finally decided to start her own PR agency, Johanna hired us to develop a name and an identity package for her new company.

In order to create enough noise around Johanna’s new venture, we proposed to launch her new company under ‘Buzz Marketing & Public Relations Inc.’. Johanna was sold on the name and gave us a green light on the identity package. The mandate was to create an image associated with Johanna’s creativity and ability to develop innovative and highly effective methods for communicating new ideas and concepts to the broad market.


A press kit package was developed with a wind-up vibrating buzzer included to reinforce the company’s brand name. The package was delivered to various media groups, and was very well received.


Remember the hand buzzer? You wind it then hide it in your palm. When someone shakes your hand, he or she will jump as the buzzer vibrates and shakes.

Architecture doesn’t have to be conservative

North American architecture company’s have a reputation of being rather serious and conservative. Robbie Sane Architects Inc. (RSA) decided to give ‘Logo Design Made Easy’ a chance to develop an image that would separate the company from this conservative industry norm.

Creativity, precision and teamwork were the words RSA wished to visualy implement into their new corporate image.

The interplay of hands cradling string was our solution to this challenge. It represents the creativity required for great architectural design. The symbolism is used to depict the teamwork required for success and the precision and dedication needed.


Mailing tube with a sense of humour!

A company selling mailing tubes hired ‘Logo Design Made Easy’ to develop a name and create a brand for a product specifically developed for photographers and designers. This target group is known for their appreciation for uniqueness and style.

In order to attract the attention of this demanding recepient, ‘Logo Design Made Easy’ took an unusual approach in developing the name followed by an identity system.

Lenin’s Tube is an interplay on Lenin’s Tomb, which obviously is a very different kind of storage unit.


Series of posters was developed in the typical post-revolution style of the “Russian Golden Years” and a couple of bookmarks was added to the package as an additional propaganda tool in promotion of the product.

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