How to Choose a Logo Design Company?

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How do you trust an online logo provider with something as important as your company’s new corporate identity? How can you choose one from the sea of thousands of instant online logo websites?

Common errors and how to avoid them

The most common error that often leads to a poor logo design is simply underestimating the logo’s importance. When you decide to have a logo, do it right from the very beginning. Think twice but design it once. Look ahead at least 5 to 10 years, give yourself enough time to evaluate your objectives and make sure they are reflected in your new logo. It may prove very costly in the future if you invest in a wrong corporate identity. Re-designing and re-applying a logo into an existing set of communication materials will cost money and time in re-establishing your brand.

Many start-up companies with limited budget try to save on branding and marketing by ordering their logos from cheap-and-cheerful online logo providers. The question is – how much will a cheap-and-cheerful logo help their business in the log run? I’d say, probably about as much as a bumper sticker will help to increase the resale value of a used car. The real identity may cost a few dollars more, but will pay back many times over in the long run.

Imagine if Apple Macintosh had ordered a logo from a cheap-and-cheerful online template source. What do you think the Apple logo might have looked like?

You get what you pay for

Don’t get fooled by cheap logo providers offering 5 – 10 logo options that are designed by an experienced team of designers. Just think for a moment, how can any business justify charging $99 or $199 for a logo and be able to support a team of experienced designers, working on 10 custom-designed logos? It just doesn’t make sense. Experienced designers charge anywhere between $40 – $150 dollars per hour. Research and development of a good logo that is strategically sound and original can take anywhere between 5 – 45 hours. You do the math.

How to pick the right logo company

Surprisingly there aren’t that many factors to consider when choosing the right company for your logo design. Price, logo samples and testimonials are the most important factors you should consider when choosing an online logo design company. Take your time and check some of the logo samples featured in the portfolio section. For an inexperienced eye it might be challenging to tell the difference between a good and a bad logo. Here are some hints on how to assess a logo, followed by 3 case studies:

1. The law of perception: First and for most, a logo has to be immediately recognizable and identifiable. What that means is that you have to be able to describe what you see at very first glance.

2. The law of corporate objective: A company’s logo should reflect the very essence of the business it represents or visually reinforce the name of the company.

3. The law of applicability: There are a few important technical requirements of a good logo. It has to work well in many different applications like print, web, embroidery, packaged goods, etc. It also has to be legible in various sizes, from a very large building sign all the way down to a quarter of an inch in size.

What makes a great logo?

Thinking behind a logo – 3 short case studies

Sample 1

Client – Media Tribe Productions
Product – Video, Web, Animation
In order to provide a contrast with the contemporary word “Media”, an older-looking typeface: “Optima” was chosen. This font also perfectly matches the shape of the bow and arrow – which symbolizes a traditional tribal weapon as well as forward thinking and the ability to precisely hit chosen targets.

Sample 2

Client – Putnam Hall
Product – Retirement Residences
img src=”” alt=”PH” title=”PH” width=”540″ height=”200″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-4715″ />
This logo is designed to evoke positive feelings around the prospect of moving into a retirement facility. The arc that “hugs” the other two lines reflects care and responsibility, while the overall combination forms the company’s initials.

Sample 3

Client – Global Golf Advisors
Product – Golf Advisory Services
The solution employs the letter “G” in a stylized golf green, and of course represents the first letter in the word “Global” as well as the sphere of the globe itself. This strong, simple icon can be easily reproduced on promotional items and clothing.

The power of branding

online logo
To understand the simplicity and the power of branding, take a look at some of the world’s most identifiable brands. When you see the symbol of Peace or a Nazi Swastika, do they evoke any emotions in you? The emotion you felt is branding. If a symbol gives you shivers, that’s branding. If a company’s logo gives you the warm-fuzzies or makes you want to laugh, that’s branding.

What about your business? Can you afford an identity that is as memorable as the Apple logo? The better question may be “How can you NOT afford to?

It almost goes without saying that if you are a business owner, the logo representing your company should be right on top of your priority list. A good logo will help you draw attention, identify your brand and generate an emotional response. A unique logo will strengthen your company’s image and create a psychological advantage over competition.

A strong brand expressed through a powerful logo can do more than simply help you stand out from competitors. It can help you break away entirely. Increasingly, we see winning companies transforming its lead into a full speed of brand driven “mind share momentum” that leaves runner-up in the dust.
Retailers like Nike or Apple have been enjoying such a superior brand recognition that they logos practically changed the way we see their products today. Most teenagers wouldn’t even look at an MP3 player if it didn’t have an apple symbol printed on its face. It seems like it is not as much about quality any more as it is about product’s personality that motivates people’s buying habits. Owning an Apple iPod is simply cool, and that is an ultimate success a brand can ever achieve.
When it comes to your needs, no matter if you are planning on building a strong and competitive brand or just trying to establish a corporate presence that will build trust and recognition, the importance of your future logo is undeniable.

Controlling your brand with a company’s logo

A consistent use of your company’s logo, whether it is your corporate identity, an advertisement or a packaging, will help you to strengthen your company’s image and create a psychological bond between your customer and your brand.

Because the corporate presence of your company speaks to a wide range of audiences (the financial community, existing and potential investors, existing and potential employees, clients, suppliers), a broad understanding of its role is essential. Each audience will concentrate on different aspects; each read into various details and make different assumptions about the future.‘Logo Design Made Easy‘ is sensitive to a brand’s multiple audiences and strategic significance as a multi-faceted communications.

A strong corporate presence (if managed well in the context of customer and profit-focused business design) can help a you to enjoy a superior financial performance and protect your market share. It will help you create a durable psychological bond between you and your customers, investors, and employees and it is the most effective form of strategic control available to your business.

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