Logo design for Mediterranean Garden

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Step 1 – Creative brief

Since 2005, Mediterranean Garden has been developing foods that are superior in quality, taste and nutrition. The company’s aim is to enrich people’s lives with great-tasting, convenient, and healthy foods every day. The philosophy is simple. Mediterranean Garden uses only natural ingredients and most flavorful recipes to satisfy a variety of tastes, appetites and eating occasions.

Step 2 – Sketching


Step 3 – Logo design development (Computer Rendering Phase 1)

Our initial focus was centered around a logo-mark based on the letters MG.
As we were working on the typography without much success, we decided to shift our attention into a completely different direction.

Logo design development (Computer Rendering Phase 2)

We decided to start from scratch; sort of in the same way our client’s products are developed. We created a handful of custom illustrated ingredients used in our client’s pasta sauce.

All ingredients were combined into a ‘still-life’ like arrangement offering a perfect building block and a focal point of the future logo.

Logo design development (Computer Rendering Phase 3)

We provided three different variations of the logo to our client.

Step 4 – Finished logo

Below is the finalized logo that was later used on a variety of products.

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