The clarity of choices

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The clarity of choices

FGI is Canada’s market leader in Employee Assistance Programs and a North American leader in Human Support Programs and Global Services. The assignment was to create a visual program that represent FGI’s core values and benefits. The new slogan “Choices for you and your employees just got clearer” had to be conveyed visually.


Since FGI’s reputation has been built on its four primary service areas (EAP, Disability Management Programs, Global Services, Residential and Community Services), we decided that the new company’s image should also be represented through its four Quality Service Cornerstones (Innovation, Flexibility, Expertise, and Effectiveness). This was achieved by using nature as a metaphor to represent FGI’s ability to sustain a harmonious balance among clients’ employees and to apply its expertise in solving problems. The “Close-up” technique used in the photographs reflects FGI’s detailed-oriented approach in all areas, and suggests the clarity of choices provided by the company.

Soothing design and stimulating photography

This elegant brochure was created by ‘Logo Design Made Easy’ to attract wealthy buyers to the new, upscale Lake Joe resort community. The emphasis was on promoting luxury and style in a remote setting.


The soothing design with lots of stimulating photographs is centered around the idea of selling luxurious real estate in the magnificent Muskoka region. Clublink members needed to be made aware of upcoming club functions and events. Various types of printed pieces were created to peak members interest and keep them informed of activities.

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