Why a custom designed logo?

Published on Friday, March 20th, 2009 (0) Comments

In order to answer this question in a credible way we decided to rather show you why than tell you why. To make it clear that a custom-designed logo is the only acceptable option for any serious company we conducted a simple yet very convincing experiment. We decided to create a non-custom-designed logo for one of our existing clients, whom we already provided with a real custom-designed logo a couple of years ago. For this purpose we used an online ‘Do It Yourself’ template source. The process was quick and simple and it guaranteed a Non-custom logo design.

After entering the company‘s name in the ‘logo window’, multiple logo options popped up on the screen as if they were designed by some invisible magician’s hand with a speed of light. The end result was less impresive. Just a number of random and totally unrelated clipart icons appeared next to the name.

Custom designed logo

Here is the original ‘Global Golf’ logo as it was designed by ‘Logo Design Made Easy‘ in 2006.


Template-generated logos

And here are the online ‘Do It Yourself’ template versions, as per above described experiment, un-touched in their 100% original form.


We were completely baffled that neither of these logos was in any way related to the sport of golf, nor to the word ‘Global’. The chance of getting the same logo for a dental office and a landscaping company is very real. Just imagine two or three shops from an unrelated business trying to launch their stores on the same street. If they happened to get their logos designed by the same online source thay might have easily ended up with an identical icon.

This experiment is a solid proof that there is really only one choice available for a logo design and the question ‘why a custom designed logo’ doesn’t really need any further explenation.

If you want an average logo, you can get it done for free. Just follow the same process of using a ‘DIY’ online source. However, if you want a real logo, you will have to do a lot more research to find a serious design firm online. There are not many of them on internet and you certainly won’t find them on the first ‘Google’ page. Fortunattely there are exeptions and one of the exeptions is the site you’re on right now. Another site we encourage you to check is run by David Airey. The thinking behind his logo design process is similar to ours and we are not shy of promoting designers like him, even if we are competing for the same piece of business.

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