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Are they really the best logos? Or we just got used to think they are?

Many logo experts will argue that the best logos are best because we all know and remember them so well, even without looking.

But do people remember certain logos better than others bacause they are superior?

We are subjects to a hundreds of thousands of different brands throughout our lives. Some of them we encounter every day and some others we only see once or twice in our life time. There are even brands out there from which it is hard to escape for a longer than a few hours. When you turn on your computer the Microsoft Windows logo or the Apple logo will be the first thing to appear on the screen. Everytime you start your car a round shaped VW symbol embossed on the steering wheel will remaind you of your vehicle’s brand and if you happened to live in a city, it wouldn’t be surprising if a huge Coca Cola sign was the first thing to see from your appartment window.

The question remains; do you remember those logos because they are better than others, or you remember them because you simply can’t get them out of your mind?

No matter what the answer, the reality is that these logos do whatever logos are supposed to do. They are not letting you forget or ignore the brands and products they represent.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the world’s famous logo designs and learn what principles and techniques were used to create them.

There are a four basic types of logos.

Iconic Logotypes

These are combinations of graphic elements and typographically arranged company names in a form of balanced units. Graphic elements are usually placed on top or to the side of the type. Once the brand reaches its full potential those symbols can be used as separated icons and become recognized brandmarks.



Companies like Nike or Apple have been enjoying such a superior brand recognition that they were able to drop their company names from their logos and still be recognized by their familiar symbols. This is an ultimate goal that each brand is trying to reach and a proof of superiority for those who already achieved it.



Word marks are types of logos that incorporate a company’s or brand’s name into a uniquely stylised font treatment. Some of the world’s best known brands are directly associated with their word marks.


Integrated Logotypes

Integrated logotypes are combinations of graphic elements and typography forming an unseparable unit. Typography and symbolisms directly compliment each other creating visually pleasing effects. Take a closer look on the Federal Express logo and focus your eyes on the white negative space formed between the letter ‘E’ and the letter ‘x’. You will discover a small white arrow, a detail that makes this logo a true masterpiece.

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